Our letter

November 2023

The kitchen of Chispa Bistro


Our menu is a trip around the world, starting from the Mediterranean and Asia, where you can taste Japan. But also Italy, a little of Mexico, the Basque Country and even New Zealand. An open menu proposal that escapes from an established order, in which cheeses and desserts are also protagonists.

In our preparations there is the presence of cured meats, the grill is applied and the dishes are completed with fermented foods, pickles and very elaborate backgrounds.

Our store

Our winery, directed by Ismael Álvarez, includes more than 270 national and international references. Origin, culture and pleasure as the foundations of a menu that will adapt to the seasons just as the ingredients in the pantries do.

Daikon, cockles and peanuts 26€
Prawns, tiger's milk and corn 28€
Egg, mushrooms and pods 22€
Heart, green curry and tomato 19€
Capelletti with squid, ikura, mushroom and tomato dashi 24€
Snapper, banana and seaweed curry 26€
Octopus, beet and red cabbage 28€
Eggplant, black sesame and kohlrabi 17€
"Roastrami", tupinambur and ossobuco juice 25€
Beef gizzard, polenta, huitlacoche and tepache 26€
Pigeon, leek and pear cannelloni 36€


Olavidia (Goat) 8 €
Kisses King Silos (Cow) 8 €
Blossom Hornkase (Cow) 8 €
Comte St. Antoine (Cow) 9 €
Morbiere (Cow) 9 €
Grandpa Ruperto (Sheep) 8 €
Savel (Cow) 9 €


Yuzu wasabi, mango, nori and shiso 9€
Strawberries, red tea and hibiscus 11€
Cashel, walnut and onion 10€
Chocolate, trumpet of death and black olive 11€

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