The kitchen of Chispa Bistro

 An open menu proposal that escapes from an established order, in which cheeses and desserts are also protagonists.

Our store

Directed by Ismael Álvarez, it includes more than 270 national and international references. Origin, culture and pleasure are the foundations of a menu that will adapt to the seasons just as the ingredients in the pantries do.

April 2024

Heart, green curry and tomato 20€
Capelletti with squid, ikura, mushroom and tomato dashi 25€
Eggplant, black sesame and kohlrabi 17€
Mushrooms, rabbit and yolk 22€
Sepia and bizkaina; calluses and ink 28€
Fabes, carabineros and pig 28€
Grouper and almonds 32€
"Roastrami", tupinambur and ossobuco juice 25€
Veal gizzard, beurre blanc and oyster 30€
Pigeon in three turns 42€
Rack of beef and roasted peppers 55€


Barisien (Cow) 8 €
Gouda Nooji Kaasmakers (Goat) 9 €
Blossom Hornkase (Cow) 9 €
Sierra del Sur (Goat) 9 €
Savel (Cow) 10 €


Celeriac, apple and almond 10€
Cashew, banana and basil 11€
Chocolate, trumpet of death and black olive 12€

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