Juan and the team

From Argentina and after passing through several cuisines around the world, we have landed in Madrid: the city
where everyone, even chefs, find their place.
We formed Chispa Bistró, a team of 8 people with whom we transmit the same philosophy: sharing with the client through the kitchen and the dining room.

“We enjoy gastronomy from its preparation, its enjoyment and its experience and that is what we want to capture in our dishes”

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Ismael Alvarez


Ismael Álvarez was born into a family of winegrowers and his childhood was spent among vineyards, jars,
harvests and in the family bar located in Tarancón (Cuenca).
He studied cooking and in 2006 he took the sommelier course at the Madrid Chamber of Commerce.
and worked at the emblematic Hotel Urban (5*GL). After this experience, Ismael stopped by the Japanese restaurant
Kabuki (*) before being appointed sommelier of his restaurant in 2009 by Ramón Freixa
(**) in which he managed a winery of almost 1000 references.
Since 2012 he worked as a sommelier for Nerua (*) at the Guggenheim Bilbao museum.

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Juan D'Onofrio


Juan D'Onofrio was born in 1997 in Buenos Aires. In 2017 he decided to start studying cooking at the Lycée School (Buenos Aires) after a few months studying Advertising. A year later, he moved to Barcelona to continue his training in Spain, at the Bellart gastronomy and pastry school.

After finishing his studies, he worked alongside chef Álvaro Garrido, in Mina* (Bilbao) and also in Santceloni** (Madrid). During the pandemic, he returned to his native country where he began working with chef Dante
Liporace (ex ElBulli) at the Mercado de Liniers restaurant.

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